Chris Brown Release New Music Video “Anyway”

Chris Brown is not going to let another day pass without releasing a music video. At least that’s what we can perceive from his activities in the past week or so. He released a new music video for his song “Anyway” from “Royalty” album. I think Chris is going to keep serving us videos until he is done with all the tracks from his new album, which will be coming out today.

This new music video starts from where his last video ends. It’s a continuation of the story but this time our Breezy Boy finally gets her girl back. She had sex with this girl and put her back to sleep in the first music video from the series. He left her apartment and was encountered by a stranger who kidnapped him. Towards of the end of that video, Chris was able to change the situation by doing a little magic. In this music video, Chris is told by her girl that they were done and that she needed to do things that she couldn’t do because of Chris. Surprisingly, the ‘things’ she wanted to do were to go to a part and do some yoga sessions.

That’s where this music video gets its villain – a strange black man who appears from nowhere and wants Chris’s ex to go on a date with him. The girl says “yes” straight away. When she goes to the restaurant they had decided for the date, the hunky black man never shows up. She decides to call her friends to have some party at the nearby club instead of continuing to wait for the man. When she reaches there, she finds Chris Brown outside. She goes inside and sees the black man flirting with another girl. Out of disappointment, she decides to walk out of the club when Chris jumps in and starts dancing. They eventually hug. Chris then decides to punch that black man for playing with his girl’s emotions. Watch the music video below.

Watch “Anyway” music video by Chris Brown

Post Author: David Watt