Cassie Releases 10-Minute Documentary Called ‘Love A Loser’ On Her Life

The much anticipated return to music of Cassie with a solo song is surprised with the release of her documentary called ‘Love A Loser’.  The documentary focuses on Cassie herself featuring Ghazi Gost, Cristoforo Donadi , as they live life together. The documentary is about the ups and downs that happen in a relationship.

“He’s like an aggravating high,” Cassie says. “Like the high that you want to go away, but that you never want to go away. It creeps up on you; has you do some crazy shit that you would never do… and then it leaves you in the middle of the night.”

Facts About The Documentary

Cassie celebrated Harrison Boyce-directed short film this Wednesday night with her co-star G-Eazy and beau Puff Daddy, who produced and executed the project. The R&B singer, Cassie is seen showing her acting skills in the film as she is portraying the character of a girl who is in a relationship.

The lyrics “I’d rather lose a lover than to love a loser,” and “Got my vision clear so now I’m seeing through ya,” clearly tells that Cassie is talking about her own experiences in life. You can hear the ‘Don’t Play It Cool’ in the last minutes of video.

Maybe now after this documentary we can expect a music album of Cassie too.

Post Author: David Watt