Camila Cabello Plays 3 Characters in Her Telenovela ‘Havana’

Camila Cabello seems to love drama as she portrays herself in 3 lead characters in her Telenovela “Havana”. The trailer of the song anticipated an interesting video is about to hit the music world and it seems true to much extent.

Cabello plays 3 roles throughout the whole vide as it starts with the heroine of a spicy telenovela. The second character Camila plays in this video is that of Karla, a young lady who prefers to stay at home than go out with her sister. Despite a motivational pep talk from her Abuela – “I know you’d rather be home, but life isn’t going to come knocking on your door”. Even this does not move Karla and she remains on the sofa. However, she gets bored soon and leaves the apartment to go see a movie which changes the story of her life.

Official Description Of the Music Video Taken From Press Release:

“After a hilarious telenovela-inspired dream sequence, the visual plays out like a mini-movie featuring appearances by Latin superstars Lele Pons and LeJuan James alongside the multiplatinum certified pop powerhouse. Camila goes from watching the action play out in a movie theater to scorching a stage in Havana joined by a crooning Young Thug. Directed by Dave Meyers, it’s an event-sized production worthy of the track’s runaway success around the globe!”

Post Author: David Watt