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Music Video: “Everybody Hates Me” by The Chainsmokers

It’s the Friday and we know there is a lot coming out today. But all that talk can’t ignore the official music video for “Everybody Hates Me”, the latest track by The Chainsmokers. It’s duo’s latest single and we have all been expecting it to get the video treatment. It happened earlier this week and has made us excited with the kind of views its getting. Over 1 million in under 48 hours. Well, that’s an achievement that tells you a lot about the kind of following The Chainsmokers have built over the past year.

The music video for “Everybody Hates Me” is directed by Rory Kramer. It’s a high-energy visual where you will see Alex and Andrew doing a lot of disturbing stuff. They will be driving a car wrecklessly through a tunnel. Later, you will see them burning a car. Now that’s not something legal. You can’t just burn cars when you feel like it. You will then see Andrew underwater. He will be singing the song. Later in the video you see them getting together and banging their heads.

Despite the fact that the music video for “Everybody Hates Me” has already received a response that is nothing less than amazing, the song is yet to make an entry in Top 100 on iTunes. That’s somewhat strange and disappointing, considering so many people watched the video. That’s also somewhat worrying as I really wanted to see The Chainsmokers back at the top with their new project. They need a hit ASAP.

Watch Official Music Video: “Everybody Hates Me” by The Chainsmokers

Post Author: David Watt