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Music Video: “Flames” by David Guetta

David Guetta has premiered the official music video for his song “Flames”. It’s a Sia-assisted single that has all the ingredients of a ‘hit’ – now that’s it’s official music video is also out.

The MV for “Flames” isn’t what you’d expect.  Directed by Lior Molcho, “Flames” MV has a funny ninja theme. All the characters in the video are ninjas. They are deadly but in a funny way. There is no Sia-ninja. She didn’t make an appearance in the video. You will see David Guetta leading a team of ‘bad’ ninjas who will invade a home. There, they will meet three girls. These girls are no ordinary girls. They are martial arts students and they know how to fight. Considering the fact that David Guetta and his team are deadly ninjas, you’d expect them to beat the female students. But that’s not what David Guetta and his director had in mind when shooting this video. They wanted to do something entirely different.

So what’s it that happens at the end? The girls defeat the funny ninjas. Their master, David Guetta, would go down in a fight with the female martial art students. His end would be quite embarrassing as he will burn in ‘flames’.

The music video for “Flames” is good and has the potential to get a lot of views on YouTube today. I’ll keep an eye on the count and update you later today.

Watch “Flames” Music Video by David Guetta


Post Author: David Watt