Scars by Lucas Graham

Single Review: Scars By Lucas Graham

Lukas Graham, the Danish pop band, swayed away from the global charts with their 2015 single called “7 Years”. No time later, another single called “Love Someone” somewhat gave out the same response in 2018. Moreover, “7 Years” remained seven times platinum in the U.S.

The music chart-toppers now are giving insights of their fourth album with a new single called “Scar”, which mainly focuses on emotional healing and trauma recovery. “You’re not the only one who’s feeling broken, you’re not the only one who feels alone”, Lukas sings as solidarity with everyone carrying the emotional baggage.
“Scars come in many shapes and forms”, Lukas explains the song in his own raw words in the press release. “The physical ones are often the easiest to deal with, while psychological scars, can be very hard to cope with because no one can see them so we have to actively share them. We need to talk about these things in order to heal”, Lukas says. We are hoping for “Scars” to hike on the charts as with their previous two singles.

New Single Review+Official LV: Scars By Lucas Graham

Post Author: David Watt