Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Watch: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – ‘Hate The Taste’ video

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have teamed up with independent film, art, and music collective Transistor Six for the video of Specter At The Feast highlight ‘Hate The Taste’. The video was filmed during the bands appearance at Austin’s Psych Fest in April.

Watch the video below and see quotes from BRMC’s Robert Levon Been and Transistor Six’s Cory Llewellyn about the inspiration and making of it:

Robert Levon Been:
“All the guys down at Transistor Six were inspiring to work with. They believe in shooting most of their film and photography with classic, vintage film cameras and creating more organic visual effects rather than using the typical modern digital bullshit (that of course makes life way easier, but also more clean and predictable). We liked the Transistor Six concept of contrasting those two worlds, which is, in a lot of ways, the spirit of what the Festival is all about. Playing Psych Fest just became the perfect time and place to work together to try to capture the song and the feeling in the air at that moment. I hope people like what we’ve made by merging all these different elements together. Long live psychedelic rock’n’roll, and death to all DJ’s… I hate the taste but I carry on believing.”

Cory Llewellyn:
“For the kind of analog films and photos we do, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club fit right in. Our production team came up with the concept to have a force field encapsulating the band in the 60’s while the modern day audience outside were digital. We are always looking to push the boundaries a bit with photos and films and we were really psyched to be able to do that with one of our favourite bands.”

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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