Benny Benassi Remixes Leona Lewis’ “Fire Under My Feet”

We all know for a reason that Leona Lewis means serious business with her new LP titled “I Am”. The album is due in stores on June 7 but whatever we have heard from it so far, has simply amazed us. Probably switching the record label did the trick for her. But whatever the reason, Leona is back on track after disappointing third LP “Glassheart”.

Leona’s “Fire Under My Feet” sounds a lot like Adele but still Leona has left a mark of her own on the track. That’s what makes it great. She is hoping she can hit the fame that Adele did with her adult-oriented contemporary music.

But there is one thing that Leona Lewis is doing differently and that’s remixing. She has called upon Italian DJ Benny Benassi to do an overhaul. Benassi, who is already known in the US for his top 40 hit ‘Spaceship’, was perfect for the task at hand – giving life to a club hit. He has done the magic once again and the resulting main-room overhaul is probably one of the best remixes you’d listen this month. You can listen to this remixed version below. Just don’t forget to leave a comment about the collaboration.

Listen to Benny Benassi Remix of Leona Lewis’ “Fire Under My Feet”

Post Author: David Watt