Bella Hardy’s ‘Songs For The Voiceless’

Bella Hardy has released an album titled ‘Songs for The Voiceless” which is all about World War 1. This album features Job Boden and Josienne Clarke. This inspirational project has been among the several folk music projects but it is one of the most appreciated ones.

Hardy has worked hard for the album and it is quite evident from the tracks that she has sung. These songs are thoughtful, shedding light on the lesser-known stories of the war. This rich and powerful music is perfect for anyone who wants to hear to the forgotten stories. The album contains variety of songs that will inspire you about the war.

The album was recorded at several places. The project was co-ordinated by Tinker. The musicians contributing in this project will appear in a live performance on the Remembrance Sunday. All the proceeds from this album will go to The Poppy Appeal. The album is released on Haystack Records and will be distributed by Proper Music.

If you enjoy this album, keep looking out for Hardy’s new album that will be released in 2015. This solo album will probably be the best by Hardy considering the inspirations she has taken from Songs For The Voiceless.



Post Author: Asif Mumtaz