Arin Ray-Communication

Arin Ray Comes Up with a New Music Video for,”Communication” The Video Features DRAM.

The Arin Ray who has been a X Factor Contestant and is now the R&B singer and songwriter has released a new music video for the song, “Communictaion”. The video features Dram and is directed by, “Kenneth Wynn”.

The song is included in his debut album, “Platinum Fire”. The album has already been released on 9th of March. It was a project consisting on 14 songs.  The album featured “Ty Dolla $sign”, “YG”, “Childish Major”, “SiR”, “Terrace Martin” and of course “DRAM”.

This new Song,”Communication” is written by “DRAM”,”Sam Wish”,”Childish Major” and “Arin Ray”.  It is a lovely ballad. The song has beautiful melody and the lyrics have taken my attention. Arin Ray Sings with the best soft vocals uttering lyrics like, “In time We’ll be fine don’t confused, cuz you are still my love. I thought you knew better, i thought you knew better, you are still my love”.

The music video is more like Zayn Malik’s, “Let Me”. It shows that Arin Falls in love with his Boss’s Spouse and what’s next? His boss tries to find him and the girl. The Arin and the girl have a good time at some hotel room and then escape before the Boss could catch them.

Okry they love each other and it’s good to see them run away. But taking someone’s girl is not very much admirable. LOL!

Post Author: David Watt