Ariana Grande performs “What Do You Mean” at Honeymoon Tour

If you have been keeping up with Ariana Grande, you’d know that Jack Marra posted a remixed version of Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?” covered by Ariana Grande. When Ari was asked about it, she confessed being in love with the track and that was when hard-core fans understood that she is going to do something with this track. To surprise everyone, she has debuted the remix on her Honeymoon Tour while performing in Toyota Center in Houston, Texas on September 18.

It was the perfect time for Ari to show her love for the song as she was performing in front of a massive crowd in Texas. She was incredible and the track looked so better with her vocals that Ari would definitely going to put this on iTunes. If she does this, she is also going to help Justin Bieber who will see sales rising for his song. This ingenious marketing idea seems to be conceived by Scooter Braun who manages both Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber.

It seems like the perfect time for Ari to generate some buzz. She is planning to release her new single titled “Focus” on October 25. With “What Do You Mean?” getting a lot of appreciation, chances are good that Ari will generate massive sales from her next single.

Watch Ariana Grande perform “What Do You Mean” at Honeymoon Tour

Post Author: David Watt