Ariana Grande performs “One Last Time” in Italy

Ariana Grande has some Italian roots and she was happy to reconnect with these roots last night when she performed live on The Voice Italy. The diva has been talking about the fact that she is half Sicilian and half Abruzzese and she her performance in Italy was probably a compliment to that. She performed her hit track “One Last Time”. But there was a surprise as well as local rapper Fedez joined in with a few verses of his own. The outcomes was fantastic. Ari was simply looking fantastic and everyone in the audience loved her. Her adorable petite looks made her crowd favorite in no time.

Ari has had huge success with her sophomore LP “My Everything”. She has 10 hits in that album and ‘One Last Time” could have been biggest hit in there but the track kept teasing with 13th position on Billboard Hot 100. Although we don’t know if Ari will be releasing more tracks from the album but even if she decides not to release any more tracks, she has a lot left in the project. Things are simply becoming exciting with every passing day for the petite pop sensation.


Ariana Grande perform “One Last Time” in Italy

Post Author: David Watt