Ariana Grande Problem

Single review: Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea – ‘Problem’

The first cut from the diminutive singer’s second album starts so promisingly: the building verse that opens the track with its pop-funk and retro styles will get your toe-tapping, but then just as the crescendo hits and the bridge builds to what you expect to be a cracking chorus, her vocals fade away and the whispers of Big Sean appear. The trumpets in this section are great, but the juxtaposition of the powerful verse to lacklustre, energy-less chorus, fails, as if someone is about to offer you a delicious slice of cake but punches you instead.

Azalea’s rap – which cheekily borrows from Jay-Z – fits in well with the song but even the energy from this is dissipated as she ends.

There’s an incredible funky pop number from Grande in here but the misfiring chorus ruins the production and power that’s elsewhere, the energy quickly fading. That’s its problem.


Post Author: Philip Lickley