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Ariana Grande Delivers First TV Performance Of “Dangerous Woman” on SNL

Ariana Grande released her new single “Dangerous Woman” a few days back and announced her plans to deliver her first TV performance the next day on Saturday Night Live (SNL). The performance was good but not great. Read below to find out why or watch the video at the end to see it yourself.

Ariana Grande has very strong vocals and she can deliver every note with ease, especially when they are karaoke friendly. But Ariana does struggle when she’s to sing live and that’s what she showed again this time at SNL as she failed to deliver high notes without making us feel that she is trying something difficult. That’s not how it comes out in her recordings and fans have every reason to expect better from her, especially when it comes to track such as “Dangerous Woman”.

Maybe Ariana was trying to do too much. Maybe she shouldn’t have tried Madonna-inspired choreography because she doesn’t feel all that confident doing that. She was somewhat conscious and that’s what made all the difference. Her vocals clearly showed that – not something Ariana would have wanted from her first TV performance of “Dangerous Women”. You can watch the performance below for yourself.

Watch Ariana Grande Perform “Dangerous Woman” on SNL – First TV Performance

Post Author: David Watt