Anne-Marie has debuted a new song “Dear Mrs Prime Minister” – Watch Her Live Performance

Anne-Marie has debuted a new song titled “Dead Mrs Prime Minister”. She premiered this song on Twitter through a video that was shot in her room.

It’s an acoustic ballad where she refers to British prime minister. But it’s not just Theresa May that she has decided to target this week but she is also going to say things about Donald Trump without ever taking his proper name. She only mentions ‘Mr. President” and that’s enough to tell us who she is talking about in this song.

It’s a protest song as you would expect from its title. In the song, Anne-Marie talks about the injustice that’s happening in the world. She also has to say a lot about bad decisions that British government, especially Theresa May, made during the past few months.

While talking about Mr. President, she is brave enough to tell the world that it feels like World War III and the only person to blame for this is Donal Trump who doesn’t give a f*ck to this entire situation. It’s so frustrating for the singer that she had to do a song about it.

Although this politically charged song could become a hit among certain fans, the lyrics will offend others. Maybe, she can trim down some lyrics and make it acceptable for everyone. After all, it doesn’t feel like World War III at all. Probably, Anne-Marie needs to see some World War II documentaries to know how it feels when the entire world is at arms.

Give it a listen below. “Dear Mrs Prime Minister” is a decent song about the change in the world.

Listen to Anne-Marie debuting “Dear Mrs Prime Minister” – [Home Video]

Post Author: David Watt