The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches of the Algarve in Portugal

Portugal is clearly full of must-see places; and beaches are no exception to the rule. To complete a visit to the Algarve, what could be better than discovering the most beautiful beaches? So back to the ten most beautiful beaches in the Algarve, which is the most touristic region of Portugal.

N°10 – Manta Rota

This beach stands out for being nested within a fishing village. A village that has become touristic. Here, the expanse of sand is very vast, and wooden walkways allow you to be as close as possible to the water.

Cabanas Island Beach, N°9

Here, the beach of the island is narrow and 7 kilometers long. It is a perfect choice to find a less crowded beach than the average.

No. 8, Barril Beach

Located on the island of Tavira, Barril beach has a veritable cemetery of anchors. These were used for tuna fishing.

Island of Armona, N°7

This beach, located on the island of Armona, is only accessible by boat. To reach this island 15 minutes from the mainland, direction Faro, Olhao or Fuseta to make the trip.

No. 6, Quarteira Beach

This beach is also located in an old fishing village. A village that has become a tourist town. If this beach is exceedingly popular with Portuguese tourists, it also offers traveling artists and shops after dark.

Top Five, Marinha Beach

Change of atmosphere here, with one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. And of the world. Cliffs and natural tunnels will amaze the view even more.

Rocha Beach, No. 4

On 1.5 kilometers of sand, this beach welcomes thousands of tourists every summer. The latter is also intended as one of the most touristic in the Algarve.

Top Three, Tonel beach

Right next to the fortress of Sagres is Tonel beach. The latter wants to protect from the fierce winds that bathe the area, thanks to its many cliffs. Diving and surfing are the main outings here.

N°2, Bordeira Beach

This beach is uncrowded compared to those mentioned above. Families and nature lovers will meet here. On 3 kilometers of sand, in the heart of the Sudoeste Alentejano Natural Park.

Odeceixe beach, N°1

At low tide, long walks are possible. Here the Odeceixe river flows into the sea from the right side of the beach. This also marks the border between Algarve and Alentejo. Two choices are possible on this range. The ocean side with rough seas perfect for surfing, and the very calm river side. Families will therefore appreciate this side.

The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches of the Algarve in Portugal

Post Author: Harvey Dyer