Alex Parvenu Shares a New Music Video For,”It Wasn’t Me (Part 1)”. Watch Here:

The British singer and songwriter, “Alex Parvenu” has premiered a new song titled, “It Wasn’t Me (Part 1)” with an accompanying music video directed by Alex himself.

This new song, “It wasn’t Me (Part 1)” will be included in the London based singer’s upcoming debut EP titled, “Blue Summer” which is supposed to be out in 2019 but the exact dates are not announced yet.

It wasn’t Me (Part 1) is a lovely soul anthem which reminds us about Motown Classics. Is it funny or what? LOL! But I must say it’s so captivating, I have been streaming it over and over after the first listen.

It is Part 1, so could we expect more? Yes, Alex has announced that he will release Part 2 and 3, next year.

The music video is animated and a good one. I think we should pay respect where it’s due. Watch it below!

Watch the music video to Alec Parvenu’s, “It Wasn’t Me (Part 1)”:

The British soul singer talked to the media about the song and said, “I love the Shaggy and Rikrok record but, no, my ‘It Wasn’t Me’ tells a completely different tale. Musically, it was inspired by Motown classics – most notably My Girl by The Temptations. Lyrically, it’s about falling in love with somebody, but their family; their parents, particularly their father, doesn’t approve of you or your perceived influence on their kin.”

Post Author: David Watt