Alessia Cara Premiers Official Music Video for “Seventeen” – Watch in HD

Alessia Cara is on fire these days. After the bathroom concert series with JoJo, she’s back within a few days but this time she’s her new music video to gift us. It’s the official music video for her single “Seventeen”. She shot this music video some time back but now she has found the time to premier it.

“Seventeen” is one of the best songs from Alessia Cara’s debut album. It definitely deserved a video. I don’t know what kept her from releasing this MV but it’s absolutely wonderful song and everyone was waiting for the video. Now the video is available on VIVO but you can also watch “Seventeen” music video below after the review. So, hit play and sit back while you watch Alessia Cara getting older in this video.

You read it right. Yes, she grows older in the MV. It’s definitely not shot in the future but modern makeup makes it possible to age someone. So, Alessia, instead of showing her young body, decides to show us how she is going to look when she gets older. Now I’m not sure all of us want to see that. But still, here is Alessia for you from being a young girl to growing old as a grandmother. All the journey is inside a local bus – reflecting on the time moving in life. It’s a cool MV and I’m sure you’ll give Alessia some more likes for this wonderfully refreshing concept. Watch the video below.

Watch music video “Seventeen” by Alessia Cara

Post Author: David Watt