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The 10 Greatest Soundtracks of All Time

The past year or so of film has been full of major events, from huge sequels to award-winning masterpieces. But among all of the spectacular film events, one thing not to overlook is the fact that we heard some truly incredibly soundtracks and scores.

10. Cloud Atlas

Like the film itself, the “Cloud Atlas” score is complex, dense, and varied. But, filling its crucial role of using music to tie in plot lines that stretch across generations and continents, the score does a masterful job.

9. Pitch Perfect

Upbeat a cappella “freestyling” is a bold concept for a soundtrack, let alone an entire film. But “Pitch Perfect” pulled it off enjoyably. Throw in the revelation that emerging actress Anna Kendrick can really sing, and this was a fun soundtrack.

8. Life Of Pi

“Life Of Pi” was all about the visuals, but the score is not to be overlooked. Mixing Indian themes with raw and creative ethereal sounds, Mychael Danna designed a soundtrack that lives up to the visual spectacle.

7. Silver Linings Playbook

A great soundtrack isn’t all about complexity, and the music behind “SLP” proves that theory. Danny Elfman weaved a beautifully simple piano theme through this soundtrack, helping to sculpt the atmosphere for the ultimate feel-good film.

6. Lincoln

“Lincoln” was a monumental film, and the soundtrack from John Williams helped carry it. Ultimately it was a “safe” soundtrack in that it was traditional Williams, but it worked beautifully.

5. Skyfall

The title song by Adele would be enough for a top 5 ranking. But the rest of the score, which used traditional Bond themes to great effect, is also worthy. The film is now out on DVD and likely moving to streaming services like Picture Box Films, so check it out again if Adele is all you remember.

4. Man Of Steel

The film was so-so, but the score – another massive one from maestro Hans Zimmer – was spectacular.

3. The Great Gatsby

“Gatsby” had a famously bold soundtrack featuring more modern hip-hop than Fitzgerald era jazz, but the result was a wildly entertaining track list.

2. The Dark Knight Rises

Zimmer’s work on “TDKR” was even more impressive than on “Man Of Steel.” When a composer can turn a two-word chant into a recurring musical theme and symbol of a film, he’s done something very well.

1. Django Unchained

No soundtrack from the past year was as varied, surprising, and entertaining as “Django Unchained.” From 2Pac to John Legend, Rick Ross to Jim Croce, this soundtrack has something for everyone – and oddly fits the film the whole way through.

Post Author: Harvey Dyer