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“Try Me” by Jason Derulo feat Jennifer Lopez

Jason Derulo has collaborated with Jennifer Lopez for the newest countdown single “Try Me”. This single will be included in Jason’s fourth studio album titled “Everything is 4”. This album is expected to land in stores on June 2 but it the track is already available on iTunes for individual download. This song is a kind of special for Jason Derulo as it is his first collaboration with the diva. Fans have been long expecting them to come up with something together. Everyone knew their collaboration will be ‘gold’.

Although the expectations were high and everyone thought that Jason Derulo and J. Lo would come up with something really amusing but to be honest they haven’t. This is probably the weakest track that we have heard from “Everything is 4” as of now. The track is so underwhelming that most of you won’t even play it a second time.

But all isn’t lost with “Try Me”. This Jason and J. Lo collaboration has a great summery island vibe that makes it the only good thing about this track. Although Jennifer has a history of picking excellent duets for collaborations, this time around she just couldn’t do it. It is absolutely strange why she picked this track to do a duet when it never needed her. The track could have been the same even without her. Probably she just wanted to work with Jason Derulo and this was the only duet on his new album.

Listen to “Try Me” by Jason Derulo feat Jennifer Lopez


Post Author: Asif Mumtaz