“Love Runs Out” by One Republic

One Republic has always come up with fresh music due to their philosophy about music. The band’s frontman Ryan Tedder has said time and again that he won’t repeat sounds that have already become successful only to ensure that he always comes up with something new. Even if some music critics think that the bands sounds resonate and carry a trademark feel, Ryan Tedder doesn’t feel that way and certainly I don’t feel that way with their latest single, “Love Runs Out”. Listen to the track and you will know yourself that it this new track is at much higher pace compared to One Republic’s previous hit tracks including ‘Counting Stars’, which remained on the charts for 36 weeks.

When you listen to this latest track from One Republic, you will have your heart beat raised due to intense drumming and aggressive piano playing. The vocal performance by Ryan Tedder is admirable with similar intensity as shown by the underlying drumming.

One Republic spent almost three years quietly before they came up with their album ‘Native’. But the wait was worth it with so many good tracks in this pop-rock album. “Love Runs Out” is a chart-friendly addition as it has all the ingredients for sitting in the charts for long.

Watch “Love Runs Out” by One Republic

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz