“Lost Boys” by Lorde – Enjoy the lengthy snippet from an unreleased track

Lorde has just released a long snippet of an unreleased track titled “Lost Boys”. She did this track last year but never touched it again after working a day on it. The reason was probably the quality of the track but the track has now seen the light of the day, thanks to Christmas, and we are really loving this snippet despite the fact that Lorde herself didn’t like it originally and never prepared the final version for “Pure Heroine”. Lorde decided to gift this lengthy snippet to her fans. This 40-second long snippet was written by Lorde and Joel Little and was originally done during “Pure Heroine” sessions.

Lorde wrote this song in just a day. That’s an amazing talent. If she can continue doing that, she’d probably be releasing a new album every other week. That’s probably an understatement considering how catchy this track is.

The “Royals” star wrote a detailed note about the track on her Tumblr. In her note she said she didn’t like the song originally and that’s why never included it in “Pure Heroine”. Nevertheless, we loved it and we’re sure you’re going to enjoy these 40-seconds more than anything else you listen today. Listen to the preview below.

Listen to “Lost Boys” by Lorde

Post Author: David Watt