“Bombastic” by Bonnie Mckee

Bonnie Mckee has released a new song titled “Bombastic”. It is a bold track and tells us again that Bonnie Mckee isn’t afraid to say anything with her music. The track will be included in her upcoming EP that consists of four different tracks and “Bombastic” the title track. The album will be released on June 30. The single “Bombastic” is available for download on iTunes.

“Bombastic” is co-written by Charlie, known for his single “See You Again”. The song shares a lot with 80s metal-influenced and 90s electro pop culture. You are going to recognize the influences as soon as you listen this track. You are also going to recognize similarities with Kesha’s hit single “Blow”. These similarities are too obvious for anyone to overlook but still “Bombastic” is a decent song and you might actually want to listen to it over and over again.

“Bombastic” is a unique song in a way that Bonnie hasn’t done any music on these lines so far – this is unique to her and it’s lovely. It is always a great achievement to go out of your waters and still come up with something really bombastic. That’s exactly what Bonnie Mckee has done with this track. This track also marks the end of “Teenage Dreams” days since we are seeing a different Bonnie now.

Listen “Bombastic” by Bonnie Mckee


Post Author: Asif Mumtaz