Watch Normani and Khalid Perform “Love Lies” On Jimmy Fallon

Normani and Khalid appeared on Jimmy Fallon on April 10 and delivered the first TV performance of their new collaboration “Love Lies”. This new song will serve as a soundtrack for “The Love, Simon”. It’s already doing good as it has entered Top 100. With this TV appearance coming at the perfect time, I feel like this song has a future. We could easily be seeing it climbing in the charts after this TV performance refreshes the song in our recent memories.

The performance was really good. I loved the vocals and the choreography. Vocals were nicely delivered without any hiccups, which is something you expect in a live performance. The choreography was another pick from this performance. It was sensual and suited the song’s mood. The duo was on fire and helped audience finish the day on a high with this brilliant performance.

For the performance of “Love Lies”, the stage at Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Show was transformed into a hotel room. Everything from furniture to lights was changed. It looked really good with neon lights glowing behind the artists. Khalid, who was dressed in black, opened the song with his soulful vocals. He then welcomed Normani who was looking amazing as she walked on th stage.

With this performance, Khalid and Normani have given us the first TV performance of their new collaboration. I hope the duo has already planned a few more performance to give their fans a proper chance to fall in love with “Love Lies”. Considering the fact that the track is already climbing the charts, I’m confident that the duo will give us another live performance this weekend. Keep checking TV schedule to see if that actually happens. For now, watch the Jimmy Fallon performance and appreciate how Normani has started her solo career with a hit.

 Watch Khalid And Normani Performing “Love Lies” on TV For The First Time

Post Author: David Watt