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Watch Music Video: “ATM” by J. Cole

J. Cole has finally premiered the first music video from his “KOD” era. It’s for the single “ATM” and it’s totally awesome – meeting all the expectations that you may have associated with the rapper.

The music video is so good that it has already become the fastest-3m views video for this week. It took only 8 hours for this music video to get to that illusive figure. The success of this music video means a lot to me and many other J. Cole fans. At least, we can expect J. Cole to give video treatment to many other songs in the future. With this music video, J. Cole has started the new era on a high.

The visual for “ATM” is directed by Scott Lazer and J. Cole. It’s a perfect visual treatment for a the first single from J. Cole’s new album. Do you think it got the kind of treatment it deserves?

In the music video, you are going to see J. Cole doing everything you expect to see rappers doing in their music videos. Yes, you are going to see him in and around money. He is counting it, wearing a leather jacket. He is in a room that is filled with energy bills. Is J. Cole counting this money because he doesn’t have enough to pay his bills? Watch the music video below to know what this is all about.

Watch “ATM” by J. Cole Music Video


Post Author: David Watt