Watch Music Video “Sleeping With The One I Love” Fantasia

Fantasia has released a new music video for her latest single “Sleeping With The One I Love”. The music video is quite dramatic but you might think that Fantasia hasn’t delivered it right. Maybe she wanted to do it a little differently and the video came out otherwise.

“Sleeping With The One I Love” may not have a perfect music video but the song is outstanding. It’s taken from her upcoming fifth studio album “The Definition Of…”. The album will be coming out at the end of July.

“Sleeping With The One I Love” is definitely a super hit even if the video fails to inspire. The music video for this soulful track is directed by Derek Blanks, who is a world famous photographer. In the music video, you’re going to see Fantasia showcasing her acting skills. She is definitely a good actor as she performs various characters in the video and she does it really nice. However, the plot twist in the video isn’t great.

Fantasia plays four different characters in the music video. All the four women have something in common. There is a connection between them – they all want one man. Watch the music video below to see how these women are connected to a single man and how it all ends.

Watch Music Video “Sleeping With The One I Love” by Fantasia

Post Author: David Watt