Watch Music Video “Next To Me” by Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons have premiered their latest music video and it’s 12-minute long. It’s the official music video for “Next To Me”, which is their latest single. This single is part of band’s album “Evolve” – the re-released version. The music video came out on VEVO yesterday and has already gathered a lot of views despite being so long.

The music video for “Next To Me” is directed by Mark Pellington, who has shown his talent in this cinematic visual. In the music video, you will see Dan Reynolds playing the role of a husband who has suffered a lot in life. Dan plays this role to perfection and I’ve absolutely no doubt in his acting talent. He really looked amazing on the screen and it was obvious from the very first scene that Dan Reynolds is in his ‘acting’ mood. Such a great asset for a singer to have these days when visuals are seen with ambition.

Now what’s the music video for “Next To Me” all about? If you haven’t seen it yet, it could easily become your favorite music video this month. It serves realness and has a lot of drama in it. It’s like a film and you really find yourself in love with the visuals due to the cinematic effects. Watch it below and I’m sure you will give Imagine Dragons some love right away.

Watch “Next To Me” Music Video by Imagine Dragons

Post Author: David Watt