Watch “Familiar” Music Video by Liam Payne [SURPRISE inside]

Liam Payne has premiered the official music video for his latest singleĀ “Familiar”. The single – a collaboration with J Balvin, totally deserved the visual treatment it got. To make sure you don’t go away any bit disappointed, Liam Payne also stripped down in the music video.

After kissing Rita Ora on TV, it seems to be just the perfect move Liam Payne can make for publicity. But I feel this is more of something for his ‘fans’. Whatever your take on him stripping down in a music video, I totally enjoyed that part of the video.

Liam Payne earlier failed to make any impression with his second single “Bedroom Floor“. It didn’t do well anywhere – not on any chart that I track. So it was a total flop. If this new single also flops, it could push Liam to drop his debut solo album for now. He may have to postpone it for another year at least so that he can have a few hits under his belt.

Does that mean “Familiar” will also fail? It’s much better than what we heard in “Bedroom Floor”. When you listen to “Familiar”, you know it’s a catchy track. That’s exact what was missing from Liam’s earlier attempts to get things rolling for his debut album. Give it a listen and I’m sure you will back Liam up for giving us more songs like this.

Watch Music Video for “Familiar” by Liam Payne

Post Author: David Watt