Watch “1 Night” by Charli XCX – Music Video

Charli XCX’s  “1 Night” got a music video now. Producer Mura Masa shared this music video for his and Charli’s latest collaboration “1 Night”. Let me say one thing before you go on and watch this music video: you won’t see Charli a lot in the video.

Why? It’s because the couple leading the story needed to appear more. You see Charli only when she should be there. That could disappoint some of you, but that’s how the “Boom Clap” chanteuse decided to make this MV.

The video came out on VEVO. It’s directed by Yoni Lapin. The music video is about different phases of life that you live through different on-screen couples. You see Charli in between wearing an outfit that reminds you of high school girls. It’s a decent music video – one that will help Charli reach a wider audience.

“1 Night” is a cool song that now has a cool video. It’s the time you watch this music video. Be sure to leave your comments after the video.

Watch music video “1 Night” by Charli XCX

Post Author: David Watt