Video Review: “Double Tap” by Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks has worked really hard on her body and now she has a super-hot body. She has made sure that her hot body does the trick in her new music video “Double Tap”, premiered on Yahoo Music on March 10. The track is assisted by Chainz and included in Jason Derulo’s third studio album “Right Here, Right Now”. The album will be out later this year via RCA Records.

Jordin Sparks is at a very critical time of her career. If she fails with her single “Double Tap”, she is going to find it hard to move ahead and establish a successful music career since RCA will not be willing to go along with “Right Here, Right Now” album in that case. On the other hand, if this turns out to be a hit, there is every chance that Jordin Sparks will prove to the fans and critics that has a ‘spark’ left in her and that she can still manage a decent music career. All that’s now hanging on the outcome of her latest single “Double Tap”. Watch the video below to find out if this track has what it takes to be a super hit.

Music video for “Double Tap”, a track that has been rightly labelled as an “Instagram anthem”, shows Jordin Sparks getting ready for a party with her friends. As she hits the party, she overuses Instagram and does a lot of “Double Tap” to favorite pictures. She also link up with 2 Chainz and finally flirt with the boy she likes.

Watch Music Video: “Double Tap” by Jordin Sparks

Post Author: David Watt