Valley-close to the picture

The Valley Dropped a New Music Video for the song, ”Closer to the Picture”.

The pop band , “Valley” released a song, “Closer to the picture” earlier this month. The fans loved it as they have released nothing for last two years but only this new song, “Closer to the picture”.

The Toronto-based Band is a collaboration of four artists, “Mike Brandolino” , “Rob Laska”, “Karah Jomes” and “Alex DiMauro”. They released a debut EP back in 2015 titled ,”Car Test” and their debut album, “The Room is white” in 2016.

The band signed Universal Music Canada last year (2017) and they have recorded the very first single song with them titled , “Closer to the picture”. By the way the band is also working on a sophomore forthcoming album which is yet to be released. The album will be released under Universal Music Canada. There is no date announced yet for the release of the album.

They have now come up with the music video to their new song, “Cloer to the picture”. The video is now available on digital platforms.

The band talked about the music video on media and they said, “We are super stoked to get it out. We wanted to make the video fairly quirky and explore lots of different personalities traits that would exist at a party. “

In this video you will see the band members and some support actors having a party!

Watch the Music Video to the Song,”Closer to the picture”

Post Author: David Watt