Liam Payne

Liam Payne’s Solo Album Is Delayed, What Could Be The Reason?

Liam Payne wants you to wait more for the release of his debut Solo Album. I think we know the reason that why did he announce the delay in the release?

Liam Payne wants his debut album to represent him completely. He felt that some of the already recorded songs don’t connect with him now. I mean they don’t represent him anymore. He announced it on twitter.

You read that?  What do you think he meant by “Another age”? If I am not wrong I think he is talking about her ex girlfriend “Cheryl”. They are not together now and that is the possible reason that he is now working to make major changes in the album which shows that somehow Cheryl was involved in the album.

Although, we never had a date for the release but still it is awkward to know that he is delaying the album’s release. It will probably be released in the last months of this year.

By the way he is excited about the EP he is going to release the coming week on August 24th. The tracks list which are going to be included in the Ep is, “First Time”, ”Slow”, ”Home With You” and “Depend On you”.

Post Author: David Watt