Single Review: “Reverse” by SomeKindaWonderful

The “Reverse” is the debut single by SomeKindaWonderful, a band that serendipitously came into existence when the lead vocalist Towers met other band members in a bar and they decided to go together.  This song also has a similar history as it was composed on a similar night, out of coincidence. It renders an immediate impact through its wavy vocals and stuttering Kick drum that make it a definite hit.

“Reverse” has already touched no. 5 on the most-played list at L.A’s KROQ ( station) and is on its way to hit the Billboard’s Hot 100 charts. The song is melodious, fresh and you can’t help yourself moving with it. It sounds modern yet has an influence of classic bands like Genesis” and “Rush”. After the success of “Reverse” the band is planning to launch their debut album that people will remember and listen to it for years to come, or at least that’s how it looks after listening to their first single.

The genre of this track is somewhat “retro” and the band will carry on this attitude with other numbers of album as well, according to the sources. SomeKindaWonderful’s has done everything right with their first single and they are on their way to become the best new thing in music industry this year.

Watch “Reverse” by SomeKindaWonderful

Post Author: David Watt