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Single Review: “I Don’t Care” by Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole has a new outlook and to support it she has released a new single titled “I Don’t Care”. This follow up single to her smashing summer hit “Crazy Stupid Love” doesn’t have traditional Cheryl-signature heavy bass or jumpy dance floor beats. “I Don’t Care” is a straightforward pop song that has actually something refreshing about it that will make you sing along when you listen this track.

“I Don’t Care” sounds really good with its breezy synths and the typical 80’s vibe. Cheryl believes that her new single will be loved by her fans since it reflects a change in her attitude. She said during an interview talking about her new single that it reflected her new sense of caring only for things that are important to care. “I still care about things, but I’ve discovered what’s important to care about, and what’s most definitely not”, she said during the interview.

This new track from Cheryl is a fun, feisty and full of life track. Listening to “I Don’t Care” can help you re-energize your brain. This new anthem is definitely going to be a major hit for the British singer and former Girls Aloud cooer.

“I Don’t Care” will be included in Cheryl Cole’s upcoming LP titled “Only Human”. This will be Sheryl’s fourth LP and one of her most anticipated albums so far.

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Post Author: David Watt