Prince’s Paisley Park Estate To Be Turned Into A Museum

The late funk legend Prince’s long-time collaborator Sheila E. announced that Paisley Park Estate will be converted to a museum in the honor of Prince. This estate was once used by Prince to manage recording sessions and to throw parties to his friends. This estate has also been used for concerts in the past.

According to Sheila, Prince always wanted to turn his Paisley estate into a museum. He was working on it but then his days ended, leaving his work incomplete. Nevertheless, Sheila told everyone that Prince’s dream will be realized and that the estate will be eventually converted into a museum.

There is already a lot of fan material in the estate. There is a hallway that’s full of awards and other things that Prince won and maybe his fans would like to see them. There are numerous memorable pictures – some hidden from the world all this time. Now with estate turning into a museum, everyone will have a chance to look at those pictures.

Prince was inspired by many different people. He has a mural on the wall in one of the hallways where one can see all the people who influenced the funk legend on one side and the people who collaborated and worked with him on the other side. These are definitely hallways that all Prince fans would love to visit.

The news came from Sheila originally but it has been confirmed by Maurice Phillips who is Prince’s brother in law. He told a popular newspaper that the estate will be turned into a museum for fans of the legendary singer.

Post Author: David Watt