Pet Shop Boys’ planning brand new music

If you have been going around London, Paris or Paris lately, you’d have seen posters with the word “Super” displayed everywhere. Meanwhile, a new account on all the popular social networking websites has also been created indicating some kind of a mysterious project that could start in the coming days. As of now, it looks as if the British duo Pet Shop Boys are about to launch brand new music. This is exciting as we will get a chance to listen to a ‘super’ song. Hopefully, it will be actually a super song.

There are signs that made us believe that “Super” poster actually point to new music by Pet Shop Boys. For example, last week there was a new snippet of a euphoric instrumental track on Super website and the song sounded very a Pet Shop Boys song. Now that snippet has been replaced with another one that sounds like a club banger and the sound again makes it obvious that it’s by Pet Shop Boys. Moreover, the pop duo has announced earlier that their new studio album will be out in March, 2016. It seems that this is the right time for the band to promote their brand new music and that’s what they are doing by displaying “Super” posters everywhere.


Post Author: David Watt