OneRepublic Premiers Much Anticipated Music Video For Their Song, “Connection”

OneRepublic released their single, ”Connection” three months ago which was a hit. Connection is a lovely song and it would have been injustice with the song if they had not made a video for it.

OneRepublic have released the official music video to the song titled “connection”. They have come up with a music video which we actually needed. I was literally waiting for the video to this song.

The video is more black and white themed. It starts when the lead singer, “Ryan Tedder”  is drinking a cup of coffee. The video continues when he goes to the Oculus which is crowded with people. He gets past by people who are not making “connection” with him and are busy with their mobile phones. I think this segment of the video actually relates the main theme of the song.

After getting ignored by the people, Tedder starts to sing, “Trying to disconnect, thinking maybe you could show me. If there’s so many people here, then why am I so lonely”.

A beautiful black lady starts to dance in that crowded place in front of the people. The video ends when the American Pop Rock Band performs the song before a massive crowd at Oculus. Fortunately this new crowd gets interactive for the performance. LOL!

Post Author: David Watt