Noel Gallagher solo album plans could be announced next week…

noel gallagher solo album plans coming soon Noel Gallagher could be set to reveal all about his forthcoming, not-so-secret solo album.

According to that reliable source The Sun (stop sniggering), the former Oasis leader is to reveal all about his solo album plans in a press conference this Wednesday (6 July).

Noel has been rumoured to have been working in an LA studio over the past few months and, despite his best efforts to keep the albums progress under wraps, there have been a few notable leaks.

Back in May we reported on cameraman Nito Serna’s faux pas – when he let slip on his Twitter feed about working on Noel Gallaghers new video. The offending Tweet was promptly taken down immediately and Serna probably got his knuckles rapped. Then last month the secretive Gallagher camp got another black eye when the name of his first single was apparently leaked.

Now, finally, Noel Gallagher may be ready to reveal all about his plans. Although we’re not holding our breath just yet…

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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