shores by seinabo sey

Song Review: “Shores” By Seinabo Sey Ft. Vargas & Lagola

Seinabo Sey has premiered a new song titled “Shores.” It’s a collaboration with Vargas & Lagola. Although the track came out this week, it was 2017 when Sinabo Sey started working on this track. It wasn’t included in the album because he didn’t get it ready in time. However, when he was working out a gig schedule in Stockholm last month, he got the idea to do the song and share it with his fans.

“Shores” is easily one of the better songs we’ve heard this entire week. It was definitely worth the wait. Seinabo Sey’s earlier hits that we have heard also sound great and now this song that even didn’t make it to the album is another gem.

The new song “Shores” is about moving on to new fronts in life. The chorus is fire – “I’m moving on to life on better shores.” The track has some great lyrics and it’s done beautifully production-wise. Give it a listen and you’ll love it.

Listen To “Shores” By Seinabo Sey Ft. Vargas & Lagola

Post Author: David Watt