Solo Version: “Into The Unknown” By AURORA

AURORA has released a solo version of the haunting song “Into The Unknown.” The singer got recognition when her single “Runaway” arrived back in 2015. But her big moment came when she lent her voice for Frozen 2 soundtrack. It was that moment that the entire world saw the talent that the alt-pop singer posses. “Into The Unknown” became a massive hit and now she has given us a solo version of it.

“Into The Unknown” became a massive hit. It earned the alt-pop singer an appearance at the Oscars. The song went viral and became a top 50 hit. For the 23-year-old, the song became a torch that helped her share her genius with the world.

Her new attempt, a solo version of the track “Into The Unknown,” is a solid attempt. While talking about the song, she was quick to admit that she wanted to hear a version of the song that had more of her own taste. For that reason, she did the solo version before she gets to perform it at the Oscars. This new version has a lot of AURORA and we hope you’d enjoy it as much as we did. Give it a listen below.

Listen To Solo Version Of “Into The Unknown” By AURORA

Post Author: David Watt