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Single Review: “Stop Me From Falling” by Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue has released another single from her forthcoming album. This single titled ‘Stop Me From Falling” is her second serving from her much-awaited album that will hit the stores in a few months. Considering Kylie is getting closer to the release dates, we can expect even more singles to come out from the album. Would Kylie consider giving this song the video treatment as well? I think she’ll gladly do that once the song gets a decent response.

How does it sound? Again, it’s a country-ish song. Considering the Australian singer showed us earlier in her first single “Dancing” that she is doing country now, it’s no surprise. However, I feel like this is a much better song compared with her first country song “Dancing”. Despite that, I’m not happy with Kylie deciding to embed so much country element in her upcoming song. Maybe she could’ve done a song or two and that was it. Depending on fans’ reaction, she could have done more songs later. But I think that she has given this country treatment to her entire album and that’s kind of boring and sad.

But if you liked “Dancing” and you feel like Kylie has the potential to pull up some of the greatest country songs of this era, then back her up by spreading her music. Give her new song a listen below and tell everyone about it if you like it. Sharing is caring.

Stream “Stop Me From Falling” by Kylie Minogue

Post Author: David Watt