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Single Review + MV: “Waste My Time” By Grace VanderWaal

Grace VanderWaal is a talented 15-year-old singer who has already taken the world by storm at this tender age. Ever since she won America’s Got Talent, she’s been setting the brickwork for a lengthy and successful career. Her new single “Waste My Time” is yet another proof of her immense talent.

Grace’s latest single “Waste My Time” is probably the best we’ve heard from her so far. In this new single (she also wrote it), she talks about a relationship and discusses how it’s about enjoying the moment even when you’re not sure if it will last – just like the relationship she’s talking about in this track.

The track has a powerful production and Grace vocals go with it in perfect harmony. While talking about the track, Grace was quick to point out that she doesn’t want to see the big picture when it comes to enjoying life. It’s more about enjoying the small moments, live in their bubble, and forget about what happens when the bubble bursts. It’s a beautiful song – maturity is beyond her years. She also gave us a music video where you’ll see the singer showing off her discography skills – something she has developed over the last few years and definitely indicates the immense talent that she is.

Watch Official Music Video “Waste My Time” By Grace VanderWaal

Post Author: David Watt