Single Review: “Gimme Love” by Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland has premiered her new original song titled “Gimme Love”. This single isn’t anything you can expect from her as there are just way too many adlibs throughout the single. You keep hearing “NA NA NA” all the times and it’s way too loud. This is the first impression that I got from this single after listening to it the first time.

If Kelly had thought about repetitive “NA NA NA”, this single could have been better. Now these adlibs have destroyed it totally for me. If you think it still is a good single, maybe you’d want to mention that in comments below. I’m sure a lot of people will have nothing much to say about Kelly’s effort this time.

Kelly impressed her fans back in 2013 with her album “Talk a Good Game”. Her new album has been due for long now. We hope that Kelly will give us a lot of new singles in her upcoming album and all of them will be better than “Gimme Love”. For now, this is the only new music Kelly has for her fans.

Despite all that repetitive “NA NA NA”, the single is worth checking. Why? Simply because we haven’t been getting a lot of Kelly music these days and anything we get is a bonus. I don’t think there is any other reason to listen to this single. You can listen to this Kelly’s newest single below.

Listen to “Gimme Love” by Kelly Rowland

Post Author: David Watt