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Single + Music Video “Castles” By Freya Ridings

Freya Ridings has released a new single and immediately given us a striking music video. The new single “Castles” comes out after Freya got a major hit in the UK when she self-penned “Lost Without You.” The single hit the top 10 and became the only single written by a female artist that entered top 10 since 2012 in the UK. After such a major hit and landmark single, everyone was expecting more from Freya and here it is as “Castles.”

The Brit has opted for a mid-tempo breakup anthem for her new single. This track is highly relatable as she sings about the person who held her hand in the darkest moments of her life and helped her escape. It was that moment that made her love him even more. After all, when someone helps you in your darker times and doesn’t let you go, that’s when you want that person to be with you forever.

Now that he’s gone, Freya doesn’t feel good about it. She doesn’t want to let him go but she knows the reality. She knows all she’s left with now is ‘castles built from the rubble of your love.’

With a music video accompanying the track, we’re sure Freya is working hard to turn this single into something special. Check out the video below and listen to the song. You’ll have the feeling that it could easily become another big hit for the Brit.

Watch Music Video “Castles” by Freya Ridings

Post Author: David Watt