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Single: “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande {Full Audio}

Finally, Ariana Gande has released her new single on iTunes titled “Dangerous Woman”. The song has created a lot of buzz on the social media since it shares title with Ari’s upcoming third album. She will be performing it live on the Television on “Saturday Night Live” tomorrow. As it looks, it’s going to be a roller-coaster week for Ari’s fans.

Unlike the first single “Focus”, “Dangerous Woman” manages to surprise Ari’s fans with a new sound – something they haven’t heard from the young diva. She might have sacrificed some of it’s radio-friendliness while giving it a different sound but it will definitely prove that she’s got talent for once and all. It’s a terrific song where you will see the subtle and calm sound of Ariana, unlike the upbeat jazzy tunes usually associated with her.

Tomorrow’s SNL is going to be worth-watching. Ariana is going to slay “Dangerous Woman” even if the song isn’t club friendly. It’s great for live performances and that’s what Ariana has on mind otherwise you won’t be seeing such co-incidence between the single release date and her TV performance. Listen to “Dangerous Woman” below.

Listen to “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande

Post Author: David Watt