New Music Video: “Think About That” by Jessie J (Review + Watch Video)

Jessie J has released a new single “Think About That” and with it, she gave her fans the official music video for this new song. Now that’s what you call the real treat.

The single came out at a perfect time. Only a few days earlier, Jessie announced her fourth studio album. She named it after her mother “Rose”. Now that the fans were looking to hear something from this new album to get a feel of what Jessie is working on this personal project, she came up with a single and a video. It’s rightly titled “Think About That”. As you might have guessed already, it’s also the lead single for this album.

This piano-based ballad is an original production. The good thing about this mid-tempo song is the way it switches to urban without dropping any acoustic hints. It’s so good that I’m sure Jessie J has got a hit in her hands.

The song is about Jessie and her boyfriend. She talks about their relationship and how she is pissed about his attitude. She opens the song by blaming herself for carrying him for way too long and then explains why she couldn’t let him go. It’s an interesting take on an everyday relationship. I feel Jessie J has got pretty solid lyrics for this song. The black and white music video definitely adds a lot of charm to this single. It perfectly goes along with the lyrics and makes you fall in love with the work Jessie has done. Watch MV for “Think About That” below.

Watch Music Video “Think About That” by Jessie J

Post Author: David Watt