Music Video: “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has finally premiered the official music video for “Shape of You” after teasing with the pictures. We had a post with all the pictures that Ed showed us through his social media account. These pictures indicated that it is going to be a boxing-themed music video and that’s exactly what it turns out to be.

“Shape of You” music video, as promised by Ed Sheeran, made it to digital platforms on Monday morning. You can see the full video on YouTube or just hit the PLAY button at the end of this review to watch it in full. Jason Koenig directed this music video for ED.

In the music video for “Shape of You”, you see Ed Sheeran training for a boxing match. While he is training for his favorite sport, he falls in love with the girl at the gym. But this was destined to end in a bad way as the girl backs out on Ed when their love reaches its heights. She is afraid of something and feels insecure in a way.

But Ed knows how to make things right. He helps the girl find her security in Ed in the last scenes of the music video as he wrestles with a Sumo wrestler and destroys him. That’s when his girl comes running to him, knowing that Ed can protect her and provide her with the security that she needs. It’s a great music video – one that you would love to watch over and again.

Watch Music Video “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran

Post Author: David Watt