Ed Sheeran Teases “Shape Of You” Video1

Ed Sheeran Premiers “Shape of You” Music Video – Watch Pictures

Ed Sheeran has teased his fans with his upcoming music video “Shape of You”. He didn’t release a video teaser but only a few photos taken during the video shooting. Ed has plans to release the music video today sometime. If it comes out, we will update this review with a full music video. For now, you can watch these pictures and keep your fingers crossed for the full music video “Shape of You”.

The music video for “Shape of You” is directed by Jason Koenig. In the pictures that Ed premiered, you can watch Ed walking into a boxing ring where he will probably show us his skills to knock down his opponents. His removes his shirt and wraps his hands, like a professional boxer. It will remind you of Rocky for sure.

Now this boxing video isn’t the first thing where Ed has shown his love for the beautiful sport. In fact, he showed his admiration for the sport back in 2014 when he wore his grandfather’s tie with boxing gloves printed on it on Grammys. His grandfather was the director of British Boxing Board.

From what we have seen in these images, it is obvious that this music video will be a tribute to boxing. You can check the snippet below and wait for the full video as it will be out any time today.

Watch Pictures as Ed Sheeran teases with “Shape of You” music video

Ed Sheeran Teases “Shape Of You” Video Ed Sheeran Teases “Shape Of You” Video1


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