New Music Video: “Make My Love Go” by Jay Sean

Jay Sean has finally made his comeback with a new single titled “Make My Love Go”. This new single is a definite hit as it sounds really radio-friendly and has all the ingredients of climbing the charts. However, the music video, released on  February 12, doesn’t do justice to the single and disappoints a lot of fans. The music video was released via VEVO.

There are tons of problems with the music video. It seems like it’s really low budget but that could have been easily overcome. The other big issue with the music video is the way Jay Sean looks in the video – way too old for his age. It looks somewhat creepy especially when he flirts with the girl who looks a lot younger than his age.

The music video shows Jay Sean performing his new single in front of a wall with some nice graffiti on it. As the camera rolls around, you realize that Jay Sean is actually in a house party. Later in the music video, you see the rapper riding a convertible. You can watch the music video below and judge it for yourself. But don’t let the music video take your mind off the audio, that’s really great and makes a good comeback single.

Watch the music video “Make My Love Go” by Jay Sean

Post Author: David Watt