Dj Khaled Do you mind

New Music Video: DJ Khaled “Do You Mind” Feat Chris Brown And Nicki Minaj

DJ Khaled has released a new music video “Do You Mind” with an army of top-notch music artists including Chris Brown, Jeremih, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, August Alsina and Future.

The single is part of his notorious album “Major Key” that has topped the charts.

The video starring DJ Khaled and Bernice Burgos shown as couples will be having an argument with each other. The video is about the importance of money over love and a man couldn’t be happy if he has a lot of money but not love.

It also gives flashbacks and shows how both of them were happy before they started the argument. They were enjoying parties, jet skiing, and luxury houses. They seemed quite satisfied with their life but suddenly, something happens and they’re into an argument about love and money.

In an event, they will be found making love by the Piano. A ‘perfect’ romantic life! Why couples mess up their lives? Why they can’t be together without arguments?

Nicki Minaj’s part was sassy as she’ll be making love to a couch by moving her hips on it.

Overall, the video was successful in portraying the ultimate message that love is always important and can’t be ruled over by money.

Watch: “Do You Know” Dj Khaled Feat Chris Brown & Nicki Minaj

Post Author: David Watt